To start, I began raising and showing Collies over 60 years ago under the name Pokies Collies.  After I was gifted with Reba in 1991, our name changed to Pokes Country Kennel and the little dogs changed the face of our kennel forever.

In more recent years, we have become known as the home of herding champions’ Collie: HC WTCh Pokies Winterset Foxxi, HXAsdc ATDsdc HTADIIIs HRDIIIs CD VC (Foxxi); Pembrokes: HC HTCh WTCh Pokies Country Gal, HXAsdc ATDscd HTADIIIs HRDIIIs HTDIId  CD TD NA NAJ CGC VCX Certified Therapy Dog  (Reba); HC HTCh WTCh Pokies Country Style, HXAsdc HSBd ATDsdc HRDIIIds HTDIIs HTDIIId HTADIIIds CGC Certified Therapy Dog (Colt); and WTCh Pokies Country Music Man HSAsdc HXAsd  ATDsdc HTADIII HRDII CGC (Gus). And, more recently WTCh HTCh Pokies Country Rosi Red Gal HXAsMdc HSBd ATDsdc HTADIIIs HRDIIIs OA OAJ RE VC CGC (Rosi) and WTCh HTCh Pokies Country Cricket HSAsdc HXAsMd HIBd HRDIII HTDIII ATDsdc RA NA NAJ CGC ThD (Cricket).

My latest Pembroke,  GCh CH Pokies County Diamond in the Ruff HSAdsc HSBd HIAsd HXAs STDsdc OTDsd  HTADIs AX OAJ BN RE CGC ThD (Lil) has not only shown her worth as a working ranch dog, but has excelled in conformation finishing her championship with 4 major wins, wins over specials all from the Bred by Exhibitor class, and finished her Grand Championship.  Along the way, she is also moving quickly through her herding titles and other performance titles.

Meet our current lineup of all around performance and conformation Pembrokes, and get introduced to our herding facility available for rent.  Lessons offered for all handler and dog ability levels.

Cricket Ducks Lil BOW Major Rosi Jump